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VOICE Lessons

Zoe Vandermeer (www.vandermeervoicestudio.comprovides comprehensive in-depth vocal training and vocal coaching for young and aspiring singers in all musical styles.  Zoe is dedicated to helping singers find their real voice, establishing vocal freedom resulting in enhanced artistic expression through developing reliable vocal techniques and vocal health.      

Member, New York Singing Teachers Association

Member Early Music America

Prize-winning Graduate, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Roster, CT Commission on Culture and Tourism

Recording Artist


Working with Zoe allowed me to reach heights with my singing that I never thought I was capable of. She has a deep and finely-tuned understanding for singers and the human voice that she uses to help you break through your own limitations and find power and ease with your vocal expression. - Jeffrey, Tenor, Actor

When I came to Zoe a couple of months ago after a long hiatus from formal singing, my throat felt very tight--my range had gone down to just over an octave. A couple of months later, I can sing nearly three octaves, and my voice is more relaxed than ever. I've found my falsetto, and every week my voice is more resonant and free. Zoe is incredibly knowledgeable about the voice both from a technical and a practical perspective. In lessons, she is careful to differentiate among the things she tells me what is actually (physically) going on with my voice organs and what is merely a feeling or a metaphor she is using as a didactic tool. And that is just a small testament to her technical knowledge and the way she uses it with her students. She also has a wealth of personal experience and anecdotes from her years teaching students. It seems every hiccup I've encountered, she has either personally dealt with it (such as unlearning certain common but unhealthy vocal techniques) or has had students with the exact problem. In addition to her impressive resume and evident teaching ability, she has been very considerate and understanding with me, while maintaining high and professional standards for the quality and work she expects out of me. I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough.

- Jacob M.

I have studied voice with Zoe for just six months, and in that time, the techniques of breathing and vocal production she has patiently taught me have led to a much more consistent and beautiful tone.   Her coaching on diction,  languages, and expression is impeccable. I look forward to each lesson, and to each practice session, knowing that certain and rewarding progress will result.  

- Margaret, Soprano

I’ve been a voice student of Zoe’s for just over seven months. I came to her with vocal issues that I’d had for years and was afraid they couldn’t be fixed.  Through Zoe’s teaching I’ve been able to address these issues and progress notably.  It’s been very exciting to increase my vocal range and sing songs I hadn’t been able to before!  - Anne B., Mezzo Soprano

I have been singing professionally for over 40 years. In my opinion most voice teachers/coaches have neither the knowledge or skills to teach singing or even speaking, often to the detriment of their students. Zoe Vandermeer and her Voice Studio is an exception. Her exhaustive research and personal experience have given her the tools to impart the valuable techniques necessary for vocal range and dynamics and most importantly vocal health.  Be prepared to have to unlearn bad habits and discover new muscles.  I'm very grateful for the good fortune that led to the crossing of our paths.  - Bev Rohlehr

I'd like to thank Zoe Vandermeer for being such a wonderful and special teacher to me over the past five years.  I came to you as a little girl who just wanted to be a "super star" and training with you has turned me into a young lady with greater aspirations.  You have taught me to believe in myself.  You always pushed me to work hard and reach for notes that I didn't even know were inside of me.  Working with you has been a dream come true.  Thank you for everything you have done for me; I will never forget you or what you've taught me.  I will make you proud. 

- Cathryn, Mezzo Soprano

Zoe is a truly intuitive and extremely knowledgeable teacher with the ability to bring out the best in her students.

- Hattie, Soprano Soloist​

Pursuing a career in opera requires hard work, determination, and most importantly encouragement. A voice teacher is expected to protect and nourish the voices of their pupils. I have been lucky enough to have found such an amazing teacher with such an expertise of Baroque Opera and the Bel Canto period. Zoe has not only exceeded my expectations, but has allowed me to appreciate and discover new attributes of my artistry. Embracing my uniqueness and allowing me to use and love my “True” sound. Her technique and approach is explained thoroughly.  Zoe is a musical powerhouse and excellent teacher!  Best of the Best! 

- Ivan F., Countenor​​​

I just want to say thank you for all of the lessons.  I've learned so much from you and will not forget your kindness and patience. 

- Sarah, Soprano

Nicole's testimonial about voice lessons with ZoeNicole, young voice student of Zoe Vandermeer
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