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Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale

Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale, written, composed and produced by Zoe Vandermeer, has been compared to Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods, Secret Garden, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Narnia.  The CD has received airplay at radio stations in the US and Scotland.

'Zoe mixes an endless array of character voices throughout this whimsical wonder, and any fan of beautifully enchanting contemporary opera where harp, harpsichord, cello, recorder and piano meet daring drums and electric guitars will certainly fall pleasantly victim to the genius found here.  

Take flight into the mystical land of Zoe and the inner child in you will be blanketed like only a classic fairy tale can do.' - Get Fancy Magazine, Melissa Harmon, Reviewer

ALBUM NOMINATION: for the 2000 Album Award by the international Singer/Songwriter organization Just Plain Folks, of 'Murderer's Lullaby', featuring selections from the complete 'Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale, Upon A Time'. ...both shocking and exciting. Shifting from intensity to tranquillity and back, it is truly innovative and unique. Think Sweeney Todd with 10x the intensity. There are 3D foley effects to move the musical segments along and clearly a great deal of thought and creative expertise went into putting this together. - International Singer/Songwriter Organization Just Plain Folks

SONG NOMINATION: The Song ‘Alone at Night’, has been nominated for the 2001 Song Award (children’s category) by the Organization Just Plain Folks

Your performance tonight was glorious, full stop. And the new Fairy Tale Songs are worthy members of the trove. Your audience will be all the more boggled.  There is so much rich material in there, people will stagger out of shaking their heads, unable to speak, wondering how many times they'll have to keep coming back to get a handle on the mountain of beauty in there! The music, your singing, your voice, the poetry, the story, your playing, your narration, the orchestration, the effects, wow. – Dave Yost, California

Just exquisite. I enjoyed it very much. A major theatrical and film production should be made of it.

Walter Hogue, San Mateo

I was stunned...great compositions and a heavenly voice that gave me goose bumps. Your great talent is excellent - something of the ultimate perfection.
Johnnie Zwaan, Miracle Band, Holland

It was a spellbinding experience listening to Zoe’s beautiful voice, accompanied only by her harp [and keyboard]. Zoe had the audience in her hands as she led them through the story and then belted out her original score. - Jeff Edelstein, President, Merwinsville Hotel Restoration Project, CT

I was very impressed.

Anne Chaurand, Classical Guitarist, Scotland

It brought tears to my eyes hearing you sing.

Tracy Thiem, Ph.D, Berkeley

Your singing is beautiful. The musical composition is astounding. The story is enchanting.

Joanne Blair, San Francisco