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Connecticut, USA, International

"My grandmother was lying down when she heard the 'Al dolce guidami' recording in the distance; she told me to come closer; it soothed her and made her feel better.  We both said, 100 times lovelier and fairer than Maria Callas, and my grandmother remarked, "Why isn't she famous?  What beautiful control she has over her voice.".  Hearing this, and knowing Zoe is my teacher, all nearly brought me to tears.  I am astounded at her ability to  simultaneously be equally expressive on the harp and in her singing as she accompanies herself.  Zoe's vocal range (and abilities like) is full, strong yet sweet, filled with tones, much like a bell.  It is utterly, again, astounding, and moving of the heart.  How could your heart not be moved?" - Michael K., NY


2019 The American Prize Finalist, Honorable Mention, & Special Judges' Citation: "Unique Skills in Instrumental (Harp) and Vocal Performance"

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