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What is Vocal Health and why does it matter?  

Here are some main points to start.  Full disclosure: I am not a doctor!   

And below, you will find informative audio clips and videos about the voice presented by well-established voice doctors.


  • If you have been sick and unable to speak as well as you normally do, then you have some understanding as to the importance and value of Vocal Health.

  •  We use our voices for speaking as well as singing.  It is the same pair of vocal cords.  

  • Whatever is going on with your overall health is also going on with your vocal cords.

  • If you are not getting enough sleep, this will most likely have a negative effect on your vocal cords.

  • If you are not eating a balanced diet, this will most likely have a negative effect on your vocal cords.

  • If you have gastric reflux, this will most likely have a negative effect on your vocal cords and it is suggested you seek medical attention.

  • Smoking of any substance will most likely have a negative impact on your vocal cords. (see video below created by TedX).

  • Drinking ice water and very cold beverages are known to contract the vocal cords and cause a raspy sound.  

  • Before singing, speaking, and acting, it is suggested that you refrain from eating foods that can get caught in the throat and cause coughing such as: chips, crackers, nuts, spicy food, popcorn, etc.

  •  The vocal cords are located in the neck at the 'Adam's apple', which is known as the Larynx.  There are 2 vocal cords. (See diagram.)

  • If you have a question about your voice and vocal health, please contact me.

Otolaryngologist Dr. Slavit speaks about the location of the Vocal Cords - Dr. Slavit interviewed by Zoe Vandermeer
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