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What Is The DIAPHRAGM, and How Does It Work?

Over the many years I have been teaching, coaching and consulting singers, speakers, actors, choirs, and vocal rehabilitation clients, one of the most common threads I have found is a misunderstanding about the DIAPHRAGM.

The Diaphragm is an involuntary muscle.  The Diaphragm does not respond to mental or verbal commands as it is an involuntary muscle.  


WHERE IS THE DIAPHRAGM LOCATED?  The Diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that is approximately 1/2 inch thick that is positioned below the lungs and above the internal organs, and is attached by tendon-like muscles to the rib cage.  It is not possible to touch the diaphragm as it is inside the torso.

In order to achieve a voice free of tension and strain, 'belly breathing' is an important aspect applicable to all styles of singing.  

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